Call for session proposals

Proposals for sessions at ACA 2019 are welcomed by the Program Chairs. Early submission of proposals is encouraged! Good proposals will be approved on a regular basis before the deadline (February 8, 2019). Accepted sessions will be immediately announced on the Sessions page. A non-exhaustive list of sessions held in previous ACA conferences is available here.

A proposal for a session has to include:

  • Title of the session;
  • Short abstract describing the session;
  • Contact information of the organizers.

After the approval of the session, the session organizers will be in charge of:

  • Inviting the speakers;
  • Approving the talk abstracts;
  • Maintaining a web page describing the session with talk abstracts provided;
  • Sending the session web page URL and approved talk abstracts to ACA organizers.

Sessions are held in 2 to 3 hour blocks of time, each of which typically consists of either 4 to 6 half-hour talks or a one hour overview and 2 to 4 half-hour talks. These time blocks may include a half-hour break in the middle. Note that the half-hour slot includes time for questions.