Second call for session proposals

You are invited to send proposals for sessions at ACA2019 before February 22, 2019 to the Program Chairs. The Scientific Committee will evaluate, review and approve proposals on a regular basis. All accepted sessions will be immediately announced on the Sessions page.

A proposal for a session must include:

  • Title of the session;
  • Short abstract describing the session;
  • Contact information of the organizers.

After the approval of the session, the session organizers will be in charge of:

  • Inviting the speakers;
  • Approving the talk abstracts;
  • Maintaining a web page describing the session with talk abstracts provided;
  • Sending the session web page URL and approved talk abstracts to ACA organizers.

Sessions are held in 2 to 3 hour blocks of time, each of which typically consists of either 4 to 6 half-hour talks or a one hour overview and 2 to 4 half-hour talks. These time blocks may include a half-hour break in the middle. Note that the half-hour slot includes time for questions.